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Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies can occur at any time, without warning. In the event of an emergency, taking all the reasonable and appropriate steps to protect the community is essential.

About the Program

It is the mission of American University to respond to an emergency in a safe, effective, and timely manner. University personnel and equipment will be utilized to accomplish the following:

  • Protect lives and reduce chances of injury or death;
  • Protect university assets and minimize loss of data;
  • Maintain public image and reputation;
  • Minimize the critical decisions to be made in a time of crisis; and
  • Restore general campus operations

To accomplish this, we rely on the support of community members to follow appropriate safety procedures in emergency situations. We have provided each academic, office space, and collaborative work area on-campus with emergency information to assist community members when responding to an emergency.

Community members wishing for additional information can review online Emergency Procedures Guide here.

Fire Safety and Responsibilities

Fire safety and prevention is a responsibility shared by all members of the American University community. Prevention is the key to making the campus a safer place to live, study and work. Specific guidance on fire safety and prevention is contained in the Campus Fire Safety and Responsibilities document.

American University Emergency Quick Reference Guide
First page fire safety document

Active Shooter Preparedness Run, Hide, Fight

An active shooter is an individual actively engaged in harming or attempting to harm people in a confined and populated area. The video to the right are the basics of the 鈥淩un, Hide, Fight鈥 program created by the Department of Homeland Security to provide community members with the actions to follow in an active shooter situation.

For additional information, visit the Personal Preparedness page here.

A Gunman Opens Fire in Your Building